Chicken liver pâté – creativly home made

 No way! Don’t tell me you have never made liver pate yourself? Why? It’s soooo easy! Well, hmm, I have to admit – neither had I, until today.

And – it was actually really quite easy and I will share with you the recipe to see for yourself. Now – this was in no way invented by me. In fact – you can find the original recipe I tried to follow right here:

But the reason I am still posting it over on my blog is to show how you can use being creative when cooking after a recipe but realizing you don’t have the right amount of things or even the right ingredients.

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Spinach muffins with a lemon twist

You know how it is, those mornings when you debate with your tired self whether to put the spinach in the scrambled eggs, in the muffins, or – if you are really tired – in the yoghurt… This morning the muffin option won. Thankfully! They are excellent also for an afternoon tea or just like that as a snack.

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Red beetroot muffins – an afternoon treat

Though I love baking first thing in the morning to have fresh goodies for breakfast more or less every morning – some recipes are just not convenient to make that early. Take for example the muffins I bake using the recipe for the amazing red beetroot cake (only filling muffin forms instead). I’d have to be up just past midnight to start boiling the beetroots…. So this is, instead, a nice afternoon treat, and since I made a double batch – there will still be a bunch left over for breakfast tomorrow!

You have got to love that rich color!

To compensate for not making any topping I doubled the amount of chopped dark chocolate (which meant 4 times the amount since I already doubled the rest of the recipe – are you following?) These are normal sized muffin forms, and I baked them for 28 minutes in 180 C (350F)



Chocolate muffin with raspberry sprinkles

Almost every morning I bake muffins for breakfast. You know how it is – after a while you get into a rutine and tend to make the same stuff over and over again. For me it’s the “either-chocolate-muffins-or-bluberry-vanilla-muffins-rutine” most mornings. So a fun way to still make small variations is to just switch (or add) one ingredient (or two). This morning I made dark chocolate muffins but added cinnamon – and instead of cherries, sprinkled “gound” raspberries over them.

A small note. Since I have now abandoned facebook you will now see more short posts like this one here in the blog instead (mixed with the usual recipes). Kind of where they belong anyway, don’t you think….



Coriander and raspberry cookies

Cookies. I could bake them every day and we would still never have any left over in a tin somewhere over night. They are often eaten instantly and the last ones will be feasted on after dinner. Here’s a new recipe I made up last week and again – they were gone just after the pictures were taken :-)   Maybe I need to start making bigger batches…?

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