A picture on the plate

Making a salad is, in many ways, like painting a picture. You have loads of colors to choose from and you can let your artistic (hidden) talents loose for a while without any pressure… Cutting the vegetables in an attractive way, balancing the colors, making patterns, thinking 3 dimensional and having fun! Personally I love adding a slice or two of apple in the end – just for the beauty of them.

A plate with ruccola, tomatoes,cucumber, bell pepper, carrot, goat cheese and apple



Elin is baking

Elin, my daughter, loves making chocolate balls so yesterday we played around a bit – taking pictures while she made them. The kitchen was hot (sunny day and roof windows…) and we had too little flax seeds so the whole batch got a bit runny – but we had fun and they tasted great!

Girl with a plate of chocolate ballsSmiling girl with a plate of chocolate treats

And for her sake – maybe I should mention that I was the one “painting” her face with the chocolate batch :-) . She is normally not this messy…

Liesel and Elin

Upside down cake

Often when I make a new recipe, I ask my kids – “what should we call it?” and they come up with various interesting suggestions. This time however the name was in my head before the cake was even done, because it hit me that this is almost a tosca berry pie – but upside down :-)

plate with cake and raspberries

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Upside down cake – teaser

This morning I just could not face baking any muffins, so instead made up a new recipe. I call it upside down cake, and I’ll have to get back about the recipe since I want to re-do it to make sure what amounts to use. Kind of just improvised this morning at 6 am and didn’t take any notes. But – I’ll give you a teaser! This is what it looked like… :-)

cake in pink bowl with raspberries

Now I’m going outside to enjoy the sunshine!


More breakfast…

It’s becomming obvious. I have a thing for breakfasts! There is something very special about that time of the day. And since my son is on a school trip and my daughter has a fever – I was in no rush this morning.

Spinach, scrambled eggs, coffee and tea

Thawing frozen spinach. Whisking the eggs before adding them to the pan.

I love how our coffe tin has text in Arabic and the tea tin in Danish… Coffe tin was bought during our years living in Dubai. The tea tin was a gift from my sister who lives in Denmark. I adore both and just re-fill them.

scrambled eggs with spinach, roasted bell pepper, tomatoes and goat cheese

The end result – my plate. Scrambled eggs with spinach and sausage, grilled bell pepper, grilled tomatoes and some fresh goat cheese. And then, after taking this picture, I sliced a banana over the whole plate! I know I’m weird – but I just LOVE sliced banana with my scrambled spinach eggs in the morning. Actually – I love sliced banana on pretty much anything!

Enjoy your day!


At 6:30 am, on the balcony – sunny breakfast!

You have to enjoy the sun whenever you see it here in Luxembourg – which is not as often as one could wish.

scrambled eggs with spinach, blueberry muffins and smoothie

Scrambled eggs with spinach. I simply took 2 frozen spinach cubes and let them thaw in coconut oil, in the pan, while slowly heating it up – before adding the eggs. Whisk eggs separately first. Spice them with salt and chili powder – and add some olive oil.

The smoothie was made of banana, frozen raspberries, coconut milk and cinnamon.

Blueberry muffins made similar to the vanilla blueberry muffins, but with cardamom instead of vanilla, and added ground linseeds instead of coconut flour (had no coconut flour at home).

Plus – coffee, tea and sunshine! :-)


Our favorite tosca berry pie – with carrots

I haven’t been very creative these last weeks, but rather used my old favorite recipes over and over. Nothing wrong with that! The kids are happy when they get to pick what I bake and they love my new collection of pictures under the menu “recipes” above here. Makes it easy to choose. Or difficult – depending on how you see it….

Today however, I felt like doing something new. Well not really new actually – but adding some new ingredients to an old and loved recipe. The Scandinavian tosca berry pie. Read on to see how that went and to get the recipe for it!

Scandinavian Tosca berry pie - with carrots and ginger

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