Creamy chocolate chia puddings

One of my absolute favorite desserts is chocolate pudding. The recipe I posted as a guest post on a while back has been popular in this house ever since then. But then, I started to think – what if…? What if I changed that, or what if I added this? So last week I tried a few different small changes to the original recipe and we now have a new favorite. It’s creamier then the original and could even be considered healthier, since we add coconut oil and linseeds, but most importantly – it’s absolutely delicious!

chocolate chia pudding in a high cocktail glass

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The coffee morning

Back from the MacMillan coffee morning and it was a lovely morning with lots of interesting, friendly and open minded women. The buffet of cakes was amazing and I hope they managed to raise a lot of money. Here just a few pictures… Click “Continue” below to see more.

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MacMillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

Tomorrow I’ll be attending an event at the receidence of the british ambassador of Luxembourg. It’s a coffee morning – but not just any one. It’s part of the worlds biggest coffee morning – raising money every year for the MacMillan Cancer Support. (A British charity). I am very much looking forward to be a part of this and have of course prepared a few goodies that will be served and sold to support the charity. Read on to see my trick for transporting cupcakes… and get the recipes!

chocolate sweets, wrapped as gift

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bell pepper, bacon and eggs – yummy!

The big challenge when going gluten free is breakfast. I’m always trying out new ideas even though we do love our scrambled eggs. Last weekend I made baked bell pepper halves filled with bacon, leek, mushroom and egg. Wow – it doesn’t really get any better then this! And, good thing, this will pass as lunch, or dinner (or as a starter) as well, so usefull, at any time of the day. This is how it goes…

 oven baked red bell pepper with bacon and egg

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Another first day of school

Today also Albin, my son, had his first day back in school. (9th grade – here he comes, my big boy!) He got to choose what he wanted for breakfast and this was it: Yoghurt with fruit and chocolate müsli (+ a few extra almond slices sprinkled over) and blueberry scones (without the carrots!) with butter. To that an actimel (boosting the imune system can’t be wrong at school start) and his favorite tea – a fruit/berry tea called “gebrannte mandel” – meaning “roasted almonds”. The tea is from “Tee Gschwendner” here in Luxembourg, and is also lovely when made as ice tea! (a tip for my German and Luxembourg readers)

bowl of muesli and some scones on the side

I made the scones fresh this morning. If you prepare the dry ingredients the evening before, this does not take very long – and scones are best when fresh out of the oven, so it’s totally worth it!



Beetroot muffins for breakfast

Since discovering the fast route to making the amazing beetroot cake, there are no excuses anymore. Even made the cake as muffins this morning before breakfast – that’s how quick it was! Anyway – it was Elin’s first school day of the new term today so I wanted to make a treat for her to give her a great start! 5th grade – here she comes! :-)

Dividing the cake batter into mini muffin forms, you then bake them at 180 C (350 F) for 25 minutes. And if you feel like – you can make the frosting too, and spread on the muffins once they’ve cooled down – turning them into cupcakes…



Weekend breakfast

If you have read a few of my older posts you will know that I am a big breakfast fan. Scrambled eggs are a staple on our table these days and also any dinner left overs we have in the fridge. Fruit of course and at this time of the year when plums and grapes are in season we have lots of them. Add some sausage / salami and cheese to this and of course a cake or muffins…. you get the hang of it – we go all in! :-)

As inspiration – two pictures of this mornings breakfast table:

There is – scrambled eggs, cheesecake brownies, grapes, plums, mirabelle plums, green beans, cheese and salami platter, and even mashed sweet potato and root celery (lovely cold on the day after!).

Guten Apetit! :-)