Kaiserinschmarrn – fluffy pancake in pieces

The original dish is an old favorite of ours and is common in the area Austria, South Germany and North Italy (basically “the Alps”). I know it under the name “Kaiserschmarrn” which translates as “scratched pancake of the Emperor” (the Emperor of Austria). It is basically a fluffy huge pancake that is scratched into pieces and fried in a lot of butter. However, the original version is very sweet and contains flour (gluten) so we haven’t had it for a few years. After a bit of experimenting I have come up with a new, healthier, version. We call it Kaiserinschmarrn – “scratched pancake of the Empress” i.e. the female version. The extra “in” in the middle (Kaiser-in-schmarrn) turns the word female btw. Unbelievable delicious – as breakfast, lunch or dessert!

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Pumpkin, cranberry and dark chocolate – autumn cake!

Finally – autumn is back on and our shop sells cranberries again. I was so excited that I almost cried when I saw them! I’ve made a version of this one before – in the very beginning of this blog – but this one is even better and the recipe is made for a bigger (normal sized) cake form, which will be more convenient for most of you guys!

Colorful cake on a white plate

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1 year Anniversary!

Today – one year ago – I started this blog with a picture of fireworks. Since then we’ve had readers from over 90 countries checking out these recipes and in a week my statistics tell me that people from 25 different countries stop by to see what’s new. Isn’t internet amazing?

Under the menu “recipes” you will find just over 80 recipes as of today and the list is growing!

I promise to keep posting new ideas and recipes and I hope you will keep coming back to get inspired. Happy birthday Lieselathome!

birthday celebration - cake, candle and a gift


Spontaneous vegetable – grain free – bread

So we had some sweet potato and root celery mash left over after dinner last night… Of course I could have saved it and eaten it today, but then had a better idea – why not quickly make some grain free vegetable bread?! I have two great recipes HERE and HERE but this one was very spontanious and creative – no measuring! The recipe, this time, is a picture :-)  read on to get some details…

creative recipe for vegetable bread

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Luxury Tosca Berry Cake

Since we eat Scandinavian Tosca berry pie so often I started making little changes to it every now and then to try out new things. This is one such tweaked version and we call it the Luxury Tosca berry cake because it is more like a cake than a pie and this was, against all odds, even tastier than the original!

Luxury Toska berry cake on a table with plates and napkins

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creamy chocolate chia puddings – part two….

I told you in the last post that I filled a few silicon muffin forms with the rest of the chia pudding, and actually I later did a whole batch filling only muffin forms (made 14!). Just wanted to show you how you easily can turn this in to a fancy dessert.

So these are the puddings (above). I left them over night in the fridge. Then just carefully turn the muffin form “inside out” to get the pudding out and place it on a plate.

Add some fresh fruit and maybe a bit of whipped cream.

And there you go! The pink sprinkles is beetroot colored shredded coconut. Gives a nice touch – don’t you think?