Golden orange muffins

Lately I have been totally into oranges. Eating them, making smoothies with them, cooking with them and even baking with those oranges. This is a lovely recipe for orange muffins (cupcakes) that calls for no sugar, no honey, no stevia or other sweetener – just the natural sweetness of fruit.

orange muffins - cupcake

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Colorful coconut sprinkles – and blueberry dessert with chia

About a year ago I posted a recipe for how to make pink coconut sprinkles – coloring shredded coconut with beetroot. Ever since then I always have a jar of these in my cupboard and I use them a lot. Lately I have been thinking that it must be possible to color the coconut equally naturally, into other colors as well and so I started experimenting. Here is the result: Green, orange and purple coconut sprinkles – in addition to the pink ones. Read on to find out how easy this is to make!

four colors naturally colored coconut

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Absolutely amazing 4-ingredients chocolate pancake omelet

There are nice breakfasts, and there are really great breakfasts. And then there are absolutely amazing breakfasts. This is one of those! Again – you may thank my son for this one. Because he dislikes the taste of eggs, I constantly try to make up ways of cooking our breakfast eggs to make them healthy and tasty without tasting just like actual eggs. You have got to try this! Read on for the quick recipe of this 4-ingredients pancake omelet from heaven.

pancake omelet with strawberries

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Warm or cold chia coconut porridge / pudding

For long now I’ve been trying to make something similar to porridge – only grain free. The vegetable ones I’ve tried was OK but never fabulous. This chia seed coconut porridge with vanilla however is like heaven in a bowl! Both warm and cold, so you can also make it in the evening and eat it directly out of the fridge in the morning. Talk about a fast breakfast! And yummy too!!

chia seed vanilla pudding with a topping of nuts and raisins


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