Colorful square chia seed truffles

It’s summer! And it’s too hot in my kitchen for baking… Still, the kids at home, we can all need a treat every now and then. I first made these truffles for Albin to bring to school on the last day. Since school has a no-nuts policy, they are nut free. Since I have a protein-policy (that’s a new word :-) ) – they contain protein in the form of flax seeds and chia seeds. They are covered in a mix of colorful coconut sprinkles, just for fun! Vegan, raw food, nut free, lactose free, grain free and sugar free. Something for everyone….

grain free, nut free, lactose free and sugar free truffles. Vegan and raw food

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Flax seed wraps

Recently at a friends house I got to try some “weird bread” as she called it. It’s a wrap made with egg and flax seeds and she made it so quickly that I decided to try this at home. The original recipe comes from a cookbook called “wheat belly” by Davis William. I have changed the recipe a little. And I’m sure I will come up with more variations… This is for sure a great addition to a grain free diet!

grain free wraps made with egg and flaxseed

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Lemon cranberry muffins

A few days ago I baked lemon muffins for the opening of a Pilates studio here in Luxembourg. As the incredible fragrance of sweet lemon filled my kitchen, I got thinking… How could I improve these? A few days later – here’s an amazing recipe for lemon cranberry muffins. The step certainly wasn’t big! But the cranberries does make the muffins just a little bit extra special. And they look very cute with the red dot!

grain free lemon cranberry muffins

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