Blueberry delux

August is the season for blueberries here and we’ve been able to buy them fresh at the market the last weeks. As a kid, summer wasn’t summer unless you had blueberry crumble, so when we stopped eating grains, this was one of the first things I started experimenting with. By now, I have a grain free recipe that’s not just good – it’s awesome! That’s why we call it blueberry delux! (My son came up with the name – thanks Albin!)

grain free blueberry crumble

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pancake layer cake

Most Swedish parents would be familiar with a childrens book called “PannkakstĂ„rtan” (Pancakes for Findus). It’s about an old man and his cat Findus, making a pancake layer cake for the cats birthday. My kids loved this book and I still think of it while making my grain free version of this very Swedish and very simple cake. You don’t need an oven – only a pan.

Grain free spinach pancakes, stacked, with berry jam in between

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Cookies for visitors

You don’t need to have visitors to make these, but my thought behind the recipe is that often people who are not on a grain free and sugar free diet like us, tends to think most of my cookies aren’t sweet enough. Sugar kind of hijacks our taste buds so if you eat sugar on a daily basis you might not experience other tastes as strongly as if you stop eating sugar.

This recipe is based on my most popular cookie recipe – cookies for grown-ups. I’ve added in more sweetness as well as the sweet and fruity taste of orange to even out the bitterness.

cookies for visitors, in a blue bowl

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