Saffron chia pudding for a dear friend

Chia puddings has kind of become a trend lately and recipes keep popping up everywhere for vanilla chia pudding and chocolate chia pudding. Both are awesome I make them regularly, but I felt it was time for something new. I had a new friend over for lunch last week and inspired by her warm and sunny personality I came up with this saffron pudding with a hint of cardamon. She loved it! Here’s to new friends! To the warm and sunny people in our lives!

grain free saffron chia pudding

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Sunset beetroot and pear cake

The amazing red beetroot cake is one of the best cakes I have created, and I have for some time been thinking about experimenting more with beetroots. This is the result of that. I call it the sunset beetroot and pear cake because of the colors. It’s a moist and intense cake with lots of different tastes going on.

red pear cake

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Fried apple cake

A little warning to start off with – this cake is not likely to impress anyone with its looks. It’s not beautiful, and it might crumble a bit when you cut it – but it tastes wonderful!!! If you are following me on facebook you might know what I mean when I say a good looking cake is not everything… So let this be a cake for you and for your family to enjoy, and bake something else if the queen is stopping by!

fried apple cake

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Prune cake – grain free and nut free

They are in season right now – the prunes. Also called “baking plums”. They’re the smaller plums. Not quite as sweet, and perfect for baking. This cake is easy to make and easy to impress someone with. It looks  beautiful – and tastes delicious! The recipe is grain free and nut free – and if you leave out the topping it is also lactose free!

prune plum cake

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