Colorful Halloween cake

With so many pumpkins around it’s tempting to not just decorate our porches or door steps but also to cook and bake using the colorful and tasty insides of them. This cake was created on a whim – I thought it could be interesting to make a bright yellow cheesecake and combining it with one of my favorite things – chocolate. So a Halloween cheesecake brownie – doesn’t that sound tempting?

Halloween cake

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Chewy date crackers

For some time now I have been experimenting with plenty-free baking – as in grain free, nut free, lactose free, egg free and of course, always, sugar free. These crackers happened in one of those experiments and ended up being the perfect semi-sweet cracker to go with brie cheese. But then – if you are vegan or just don’t like brie, feel free to eat them with something else or without any topping at all. They are delicious as they are too!


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The party – 4 salads and Swedish meatballs

Last Saturday we had a group of friends over for dinner. A typical expat mix of wonderful warm and funny people with various different backgrounds, as in nationalities, but also food preferences. We had everything from no pork eaters, vegetarian, the pregnant one, no wheat – to a raw food vegan. I wanted to cook so that everyone felt included, which took a bit of planning. In the end – the food was loved, and the evening was filled with funny stories, laughter and discussions. Here, I want to share with you the recipes for the food and the snacks I prepared.


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Grain free focaccia amore

When you change your diet and stay with it for a long time you might either go stricter the longer you go, or you start loosening up your rules as you get to know what works for you. I think in our case we have done both. Stricter because we don’t really “cheat” any more and looser because we for example eat more fruit than in the beginning and I don’t fret about carbs any more as long as we feel fine. This grain free focaccia inspired bread is one of those things. Definitely not low carb – but a great treat for now and then. It can’t really honestly compete with real focaccia – but it is a delicious substitute for those of us who are strictly off grains. And it’s nut free as well…

grain free focaccia flat bread

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