Blueberry chia seed pudding with orange

One of my absolute favorite things at the moment are chia seed puddings. I have had a crush on the saffron version for a few weeks now, and vanilla is always a favorite that canĀ  be combined with so many fruits and berries and nuts and all – so it never gets boring!

Last week I looked through my older recipes and thought I should give the blueberry chia seed pudding another go. I did, and it turned out great! Read on to see how to make it!


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Sweet flax seed banana roll

Ever since I made the flax seed rolls earlier this year I have wanted to make other versions of it. Had a few different ideas that did not work out but now finally, this one is great! The flax seed wrap is spiced with cinnamon, cardamon and clove and the filling is bananas and nuts. We had them for breakfast this morning and I made a new batch as afternoon snack just now. Delicious!


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