Stacking pancakes to make them attractive

This was my husbands breakfast plate this morning.

Stack of pancakes, with blueberries

I love to make him smile :-)

You can serve pancakes in so many ways but an easy way to make each plate look like it came right out of a 5-star kitchen is to stack them in the middle of the plate and add a little love.

Using nut butter (hazelnut in this case) – I dipped a small spoon in the jar and then letting it flow over the pancakes, made circles around the stack – like a flower. I did this after stacking just 3 pancakes so you don’t see the “mess” that happens on the actual pancake – just the shapes on the plate.


Then I added 4 more pancakes, a dollop of fresh creme cheese on the top and a few fresh blueberries. Voila! So easy, and it really looks nice.


The recipe for the pancakes can be found HERE!




My sisters vanilla pancakes

Sure – we know the two ingredients banana pancake recipe, don’t we? And I’ve tried it, but always felt it was missing something. It wasn’t until recently when I visited my sister and she made them for me that I had the true wow-feeling. THIS is what they should taste like! And the simple thing she did was to add a pinch of salt, a dash of vanilla and fry them in plenty of coconut oil. On Monday it’s my sisters birthday – Happy birthday sis! I love you! Here are your pancakes with a fried apple, nuts and raisins topping!


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