Sunset beetroot and pear cake

The amazing red beetroot cake is one of the best cakes I have created, and I have for some time been thinking about experimenting more with beetroots. This is the result of that. I call it the sunset beetroot and pear cake because of the colors. It’s a moist and intense cake with lots of different tastes going on.

red pear cake

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Red beetroot muffins – an afternoon treat

Though I love baking first thing in the morning to have fresh goodies for breakfast more or less every morning – some recipes are just not convenient to make that early. Take for example the muffins I bake using the recipe for the amazing red beetroot cake (only filling muffin forms instead). I’d have to be up just past midnight to start boiling the beetroots…. So this is, instead, a nice afternoon treat, and since I made a double batch – there will still be a bunch left over for breakfast tomorrow!

You have got to love that rich color!

To compensate for not making any topping I doubled the amount of chopped dark chocolate (which meant 4 times the amount since I already doubled the rest of the recipe – are you following?) These are normal sized muffin forms, and I baked them for 28 minutes in 180 C (350F)



The amazing Red Beetroot Cake

Yesterday I thought I’d try something totally new. I always liked the pictures of “red velvet cakes” without ever having tasted one. They are deep red and have some kind of cream white topping, so this was my goal – achieving the look more than the taste…

red beetroot cake on plate

Deep red – the perfect main ingredient would be beetroot.  And if you ever only tried the pickled version of beetroot, you’d be surprised how well this vegetable suits baking. My husband even declared this to be his new favorite cake – and I am prepared to agree!

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Pink Poppy seed Cupcakes

When we lived in Dubai, we were told about a guy who got arrested at customs when entering the country. He had poppy seeds in his hand luggage, and the custom officers didn’t believe his story – that this was for his colleague’s wife (our German neighbor) who wanted to use it for baking. So, my Dubai friends – you know the saying “Don’t try this at home”! :-)

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