Monica’s birthday cake

A very special person recently had a birthday. She is an enthusiastic health promoter and also one of my most loyal followers on Lieselathome’s Facebook page. She recently sent me a question, asking for ideas for a cake since she has invited some people over to celebrate this birthday, belated since she was on Bali on the actual date. Now – who wouldn’t have LOVED to spend a birthday on Bali!!! Anyways – this cake is for Monica! No grains, no lactose. She also can’t eat coconut – so no coconut flour. She can have coconut oil however and there is plenty in this cake. Who ever can’t eat it, can switch it for butter! I know Monica loves chocolate so of course this is a double chocolate layer cake!!

Monica's birthday cake

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My birthday – and a cake-tastrophe

You’d think I would be kind of fool proof at making cakes by now, and that someone like me would be able to produce the most amazing birthday cake for myself. Well, today is my birthday (happy 40th to myself!! :-) ) and I had planned this cake to be truly awesome. But read on to see how it instead turned out to be quite a cake-tastrophe. Still – it tasted great and we had a really good laugh about it – especially because of a gift my sister sent….

the cake-tastrophe birthday cake

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1 year Anniversary!

Today – one year ago – I started this blog with a picture of fireworks. Since then we’ve had readers from over 90 countries checking out these recipes and in a week my statistics tell me that people from 25 different countries stop by to see what’s new. Isn’t internet amazing?

Under the menu “recipes” you will find just over 80 recipes as of today and the list is growing!

I promise to keep posting new ideas and recipes and I hope you will keep coming back to get inspired. Happy birthday Lieselathome!

birthday celebration - cake, candle and a gift


Elins birthday

Today my little daughter turns 11.

Every birthday is a huge event for a kid and of course it should be special. So I made her favorite breakfast – carrot pancakes - with added sweet potato (that we had left over from last night), and of course there had to be cupcakes! Blueberry lemon muffins with a topping of mascarpone, yoghurt, lemon juice, honey and some beetroot juice.

Happy birthday Elin!

I love you!


Black forest cake for a happy healthy birthday!

I just realized that two of my favorite readers have the same birthday – which is today! So – happy birthday Anna and Miia! And what could be a better post on a day like this than a cake? And not just any cake – but the one and only, the most famous German cake… The black forest cake! – aka “Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte”. So girls – this one is for you!

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