Grain free buns

After the success of the grain free focaccia amore I have made several variations of that bread. This is one of them. Buns – that I feel has got both a very bread like texture and taste. Nut free, milk free… For me the main thing though is how these buns actually raised in the oven – similar to a classic bun would – and also got that thread like structure in the cracks that appears in rising bread. Bread nerd? Me? :-) I guess that comes from 20+ years of baking bread – traditional ones and grain free versions.

grain free buns made with flax seed, coconut flour and potato flour

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Grain free flat bread

Ever since I posted the two versions I have made of wraps – THIS ONE and THIS ONE, I have been experimenting with this type of bread, using new spices and making the bread thicker and here is a new recipe that we really like. Use it for sandwiches or burgers or as I did here, fill with this lovely beetroot salad.


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Grain free focaccia amore

When you change your diet and stay with it for a long time you might either go stricter the longer you go, or you start loosening up your rules as you get to know what works for you. I think in our case we have done both. Stricter because we don’t really “cheat” any more and looser because we for example eat more fruit than in the beginning and I don’t fret about carbs any more as long as we feel fine. This grain free focaccia inspired bread is one of those things. Definitely not low carb – but a great treat for now and then. It can’t really honestly compete with real focaccia – but it is a delicious substitute for those of us who are strictly off grains. And it’s nut free as well…

grain free focaccia flat bread

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Spontaneous vegetable – grain free – bread

So we had some sweet potato and root celery mash left over after dinner last night… Of course I could have saved it and eaten it today, but then had a better idea – why not quickly make some grain free vegetable bread?! I have two great recipes HERE and HERE but this one was very spontanious and creative – no measuring! The recipe, this time, is a picture :-)  read on to get some details…

creative recipe for vegetable bread

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Our favorite sweet potato and carrot bread

Since my son started packing lunch boxes again, grain free bread has been a hit in this household. I’m always using vegetables as a base – like in the root celery bread and the zucchini bread. This time it was carrots and sweet potato and I think this was the best one so far! I had to make another, bigger batch again a day later since my kids totally loved it!

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Albins genius tomato, basil and oregano bread

The other day I was making root celery bread and my son, Albin, walked into the kitchen. When I told him what I was planning on doing he suggested that I add dried tomatoes, basil and oregano to the dough – “it will taste like Pizza” – he said. Not a bad idea…. And the “bread” actually turned out really great.

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From unwanted zucchini – to much wanted bread

Not being a particularly big fan of zucchini – I don’t know why I keep buying them. Again I found myself staring at one in the fridge thinking – I really should use that for something before it goes bad. So I thought of the root celery bread I made a while back and decided to do something similar… Zucchini and lemon bread!

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