Easter sweets and treats

Thursday before Easter is the day when, in Sweden, the witches fly off to “Blåkulla”. You can see small versions of them walking from door to door tonight, dressed with aprons, a head scarf and with freckles painted all over their cheeks. They will give you a hand painted little Easter greeting and hopefully they will get some Easter candy as a thank you. It’s a very cute tradition, and I love the trading spirit (Easter greeting – candy). I thought for today I will not give you a new recipe, but instead make a few suggestions from all the recipes we already have here at Lieselathome – what would fit for the Easter holiday? Read on for some of my favorite sweets and treats!


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Monica’s birthday cake

A very special person recently had a birthday. She is an enthusiastic health promoter and also one of my most loyal followers on Lieselathome’s Facebook page. She recently sent me a question, asking for ideas for a cake since she has invited some people over to celebrate this birthday, belated since she was on Bali on the actual date. Now – who wouldn’t have LOVED to spend a birthday on Bali!!! Anyways – this cake is for Monica! No grains, no lactose. She also can’t eat coconut – so no coconut flour. She can have coconut oil however and there is plenty in this cake. Who ever can’t eat it, can switch it for butter! I know Monica loves chocolate so of course this is a double chocolate layer cake!!

Monica's birthday cake

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Nut free chocolate heaven

Lately I keep running in to people who are grain free but also allergic to nuts. I normally use nut flours instead of normal grain flours, but of course that does not suit everyone. So, to give more people a chance to try my recipes I try to create something different every now and then. This is a grain free, nut free and lactose free chocolate cake that also does not have any banana (which most of my other cake recipes have). Only a few ingredients – Very chocolaty and very amazing! Give it a go!


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Sunset beetroot and pear cake

The amazing red beetroot cake is one of the best cakes I have created, and I have for some time been thinking about experimenting more with beetroots. This is the result of that. I call it the sunset beetroot and pear cake because of the colors. It’s a moist and intense cake with lots of different tastes going on.

red pear cake

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Fried apple cake

A little warning to start off with – this cake is not likely to impress anyone with its looks. It’s not beautiful, and it might crumble a bit when you cut it – but it tastes wonderful!!! If you are following me on facebook you might know what I mean when I say a good looking cake is not everything… So let this be a cake for you and for your family to enjoy, and bake something else if the queen is stopping by!

fried apple cake

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Prune cake – grain free and nut free

They are in season right now – the prunes. Also called “baking plums”. They’re the smaller plums. Not quite as sweet, and perfect for baking. This cake is easy to make and easy to impress someone with. It looks  beautiful – and tastes delicious! The recipe is grain free and nut free – and if you leave out the topping it is also lactose free!

prune plum cake

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pancake layer cake

Most Swedish parents would be familiar with a childrens book called “Pannkakstårtan” (Pancakes for Findus). It’s about an old man and his cat Findus, making a pancake layer cake for the cats birthday. My kids loved this book and I still think of it while making my grain free version of this very Swedish and very simple cake. You don’t need an oven – only a pan.

Grain free spinach pancakes, stacked, with berry jam in between

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16 pieces of sweet chocolate cake

Even though I normally try to keep the use of honey and dried fruit to a minimum in my baking – every now and then I just have to break the rules and make something extra special. This amazing, sweet chocolate cake, has quite a few medjool dates in it, making it rather sweet, and kind of sticky / chewy. A real treat for a special day!

Very special sweet chocolate cake

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My birthday – and a cake-tastrophe

You’d think I would be kind of fool proof at making cakes by now, and that someone like me would be able to produce the most amazing birthday cake for myself. Well, today is my birthday (happy 40th to myself!! :-) ) and I had planned this cake to be truly awesome. But read on to see how it instead turned out to be quite a cake-tastrophe. Still – it tasted great and we had a really good laugh about it – especially because of a gift my sister sent….

the cake-tastrophe birthday cake

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