Cherries makes really funky cupcake decoration!

Last night we had a small dinner party and as a dessert I served tiny chocolate cupcakes. I had planned to put raspberries on them to top them off, but once I saw the cherries in the shop I knew that would look even better.

Leaving the green “straw” sticking up make it even more funky. You can find a recipe for muffins HERE and the topping is made with melted dark chocolate and a mix of yoghurt and mascarpone.



Dark cherry muffins (and cupcakes)

OK I realize we can’t have a big fancy cake everyday. How would that look! (Pretty great if you ask me…:-)) But who says we can’t cheat – and make fancy muffins? Or even fancier cupcakes? There was a birthday celebration in my daughters class the other day and she asked me if she could bring her own treat to eat when the rest of the kids munch on the sugar bomb – gluten containing – cake that the birthday kid promised to bring…. So yes of curse – I made these for her – and she was delighted!

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Black forest cake for a happy healthy birthday!

I just realized that two of my favorite readers have the same birthday – which is today! So – happy birthday Anna and Miia! And what could be a better post on a day like this than a cake? And not just any cake – but the one and only, the most famous German cake… The black forest cake! – aka “Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte”. So girls – this one is for you!

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Fancy cake with whipped chocolate cream

Every now and then I feel the need to bake something really fancy. Now, fancy does not equal sugar bomb in my world, and I’ll always be sticking to gluten free and grain free. Still – a real cake with whipped cream and all. “Tårta”, we call it in Sweden. Or even “gräddtårta”. So here you go – a real fancy gräddtårta with whipped chocolate cream.

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Elins Cheese, Cherry and Cranberry Cake

This cake started with my daughter, Elin, asking me to please bake with her. She wanted to make something like a cheesecake, but we did not have enough “cheese” for that. So we checked the fridge for what we did have and what needed to be used. Cranberries, cherries and a bit of Philadelphia crème cheese. Can you make a halfway cheesecake? We gave it a go! This one would fit real nicely in a category called “weird combinations – great results”

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