Beetroot muffins for breakfast

Since discovering the fast route to making the amazing beetroot cake, there are no excuses anymore. Even made the cake as muffins this morning before breakfast – that’s how quick it was! Anyway – it was Elin’s first school day of the new term today so I wanted to make a treat for her to give her a great start! 5th grade – here she comes! :-)

Dividing the cake batter into mini muffin forms, you then bake them at 180 C (350 F) for 25 minutes. And if you feel like – you can make the frosting too, and spread on the muffins once they’ve cooled down – turning them into cupcakes…



The birthday! – part three

The celebration of Elins birthday got extended over several days this year. The actual day at home – since it was a Sunday this year, then the celebration at school, which was on the Monday, and then also a proper birthday party at home with friends from school – today, Tuesday, since school ends early on Tuesdays in Luxembourg. So there were more cakes and more cupcakes. It seemed never ending….. But to make things easy I’ve been using the same toppings – just in different ways. I’ll tell you how!

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Elins birthday

Today my little daughter turns 11.

Every birthday is a huge event for a kid and of course it should be special. So I made her favorite breakfast – carrot pancakes - with added sweet potato (that we had left over from last night), and of course there had to be cupcakes! Blueberry lemon muffins with a topping of mascarpone, yoghurt, lemon juice, honey and some beetroot juice.

Happy birthday Elin!

I love you!


Dark cherry muffins (and cupcakes)

OK I realize we can’t have a big fancy cake everyday. How would that look! (Pretty great if you ask me…:-)) But who says we can’t cheat – and make fancy muffins? Or even fancier cupcakes? There was a birthday celebration in my daughters class the other day and she asked me if she could bring her own treat to eat when the rest of the kids munch on the sugar bomb – gluten containing – cake that the birthday kid promised to bring…. So yes of curse – I made these for her – and she was delighted!

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Spinach and Strawberry muffins – and fancy cupcakes

Having been trying several different interesting combinations of food for baking and cooking with spinach this weekend, I also came up with these muffins. Laying awake in the morning trying to think of fruit or berries that could make a great combination with the healthy green that is supposed to make us strong – I thought of strawberries. But then, I often think of strawberries… Anyway…

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Raspberry and Ginger Cupcakes – a taste explosion!

There I was, wondering how to eat more ginger. It’s supposed to be very healthy – but what do you really do with it? Bake? Why not! To balance the strong taste of the freshly grated ginger I used raspberries and the combination turned out to be absolutely amazing! This is a treat!

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Carrot cupcakes that lifts a bad mood

Do you ever bake when in a bad mood? You know, to get into a better mood? I did that the other day and it resulted in these lovely little cupcakes. So, how does that help? Did I munch them all down? No – but my husband ate 5 of them in one go and declared me to be the best baker ever. That certainly helped :-)

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