Sweet flax seed banana roll

Ever since I made the flax seed rolls earlier this year I have wanted to make other versions of it. Had a few different ideas that did not work out but now finally, this one is great! The flax seed wrap is spiced with cinnamon, cardamon and clove and the filling is bananas and nuts. We had them for breakfast this morning and I made a new batch as afternoon snack just now. Delicious!


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Saffron chia pudding for a dear friend

Chia puddings has kind of become a trend lately and recipes keep popping up everywhere for vanilla chia pudding and chocolate chia pudding. Both are awesome I make them regularly, but I felt it was time for something new. I had a new friend over for lunch last week and inspired by her warm and sunny personality I came up with this saffron pudding with a hint of cardamon. She loved it! Here’s to new friends! To the warm and sunny people in our lives!

grain free saffron chia pudding

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Warm or cold chia coconut porridge / pudding

For long now I’ve been trying to make something similar to porridge – only grain free. The vegetable ones I’ve tried was OK but never fabulous. This chia seed coconut porridge with vanilla however is like heaven in a bowl! Both warm and cold, so you can also make it in the evening and eat it directly out of the fridge in the morning. Talk about a fast breakfast! And yummy too!!

chia seed vanilla pudding with a topping of nuts and raisins


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Kaiserinschmarrn – fluffy pancake in pieces

The original dish is an old favorite of ours and is common in the area Austria, South Germany and North Italy (basically “the Alps”). I know it under the name “Kaiserschmarrn” which translates as “scratched pancake of the Emperor” (the Emperor of Austria). It is basically a fluffy huge pancake that is scratched into pieces and fried in a lot of butter. However, the original version is very sweet and contains flour (gluten) so we haven’t had it for a few years. After a bit of experimenting I have come up with a new, healthier, version. We call it Kaiserinschmarrn – “scratched pancake of the Empress” i.e. the female version. The extra “in” in the middle (Kaiser-in-schmarrn) turns the word female btw. Unbelievable delicious – as breakfast, lunch or dessert!

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creamy chocolate chia puddings – part two….

I told you in the last post that I filled a few silicon muffin forms with the rest of the chia pudding, and actually I later did a whole batch filling only muffin forms (made 14!). Just wanted to show you how you easily can turn this in to a fancy dessert.

So these are the puddings (above). I left them over night in the fridge. Then just carefully turn the muffin form “inside out” to get the pudding out and place it on a plate.

Add some fresh fruit and maybe a bit of whipped cream.

And there you go! The pink sprinkles is beetroot colored shredded coconut. Gives a nice touch – don’t you think?



Upside down cake

Often when I make a new recipe, I ask my kids – “what should we call it?” and they come up with various interesting suggestions. This time however the name was in my head before the cake was even done, because it hit me that this is almost a tosca berry pie – but upside down :-)

plate with cake and raspberries

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Our favorite tosca berry pie – with carrots

I haven’t been very creative these last weeks, but rather used my old favorite recipes over and over. Nothing wrong with that! The kids are happy when they get to pick what I bake and they love my new collection of pictures under the menu “recipes” above here. Makes it easy to choose. Or difficult – depending on how you see it….

Today however, I felt like doing something new. Well not really new actually – but adding some new ingredients to an old and loved recipe. The Scandinavian tosca berry pie. Read on to see how that went and to get the recipe for it!

Scandinavian Tosca berry pie - with carrots and ginger

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Apples in the oven

 It was Friday again, and Friday in this house means a nice family dinner and most importantly – dessert! Which is fine. Actually, I love this tradition! The problem was just that I was almost done with cooking the dinner when I realized I had forgotten to make dessert… Desperate for a quick fix of this situation I looked over at the fruit bowl and YES – we had plenty of apples! :-)   So here you go – the perfect dessert – the one that takes care of itself while you are eating the main!

Oven baked apple with vanilla mascarpone

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Blueberry chia pudding

We’ve been loving the chocolate chia seed pudding I wrote about a while back, in a guest post over at  CLEW.lu, eating it a couple of times every week ever since – so I thought we could need a bit of variation. The other day I experimented with blueberries and made a colorful version of the pudding. We all liked it, but a vote in the family afterwards, about which dessert was better, ended 3 votes for chocolate and 1 vote for blueberry – so it’s good indeed, but maybe not awesome…? Or was the competition just too hard? You’ll have to try and decide for yourself!

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