Easter sweets and treats

Thursday before Easter is the day when, in Sweden, the witches fly off to “Bl√•kulla”. You can see small versions of them walking from door to door tonight, dressed with aprons, a head scarf and with freckles painted all over their cheeks. They will give you a hand painted little Easter greeting and hopefully they will get some Easter candy as a thank you. It’s a very cute tradition, and I love the trading spirit (Easter greeting – candy). I thought for today I will not give you a new recipe, but instead make a few suggestions from all the recipes we already have here at Lieselathome – what would fit for the Easter holiday? Read on for some of my favorite sweets and treats!


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Easter chocolate – how to properly melt chocolate

As I have mentioned before, this year I will re-post a few recipes I have already done before – but make them better. The same goes for this home made luxury chocolate. After having done my last recipe a few times I started reading up on how to properly melt chocolate. As weird as that sounds – it actually makes a big difference. So here: a new way of doing this with easy step by step instructions. How fitting not that it is Easter!

chocolate broken into pieces

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