Chewy date crackers

For some time now I have been experimenting with plenty-free baking – as in grain free, nut free, lactose free, egg free and of course, always, sugar free. These crackers happened in one of those experiments and ended up being the perfect semi-sweet cracker to go with brie cheese. But then – if you are vegan or just don’t like brie, feel free to eat them with something else or without any topping at all. They are delicious as they are too!


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Monster chocolate crackers

There is a little monster living inside of me, demanding chocolate on pretty much a daily basis. This does not mean the sugar-laden milk chocolate. The monster does not actually fancy this any more, but rather anything with cacao in it. Really dark chocolate normally helps but sometimes the monster wants cookies or crackers. Last week I had one of those days… So I came up with these very chocolaty crackers. Nut free, gluten free, lactose free, egg free and (almost) guilt free! Can it get any better? :-)

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