Saffron “cheese”-cake with raspberry hearts

Vegan cheesecakes – that aren’t actually cheesecakes, but a nut based version that are similar to cheesecakes have become quite trendy. I tried a recipe a while back and liked the idea. Added in a personal touch – and here we have the result. A colorful saffron “cheese”-cake with raspberry hearts.

saffron cheese cake

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My sisters vanilla pancakes

Sure – we know the two ingredients banana pancake recipe, don’t we? And I’ve tried it, but always felt it was missing something. It wasn’t until recently when I visited my sister and she made them for me that I had the true wow-feeling. THIS is what they should taste like! And the simple thing she did was to add a pinch of salt, a dash of vanilla and fry them in plenty of coconut oil. On Monday it’s my sisters birthday – Happy birthday sis! I love you! Here are your pancakes with a fried apple, nuts and raisins topping!


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Grain free flat bread

Ever since I posted the two versions I have made of wraps – THIS ONE and THIS ONE, I have been experimenting with this type of bread, using new spices and making the bread thicker and here is a new recipe that we really like. Use it for sandwiches or burgers or as I did here, fill with this lovely beetroot salad.


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Zucchini lemon muffins – a back to school treat

After a nice sunny week of holiday the kids were back to school today again. I thought I should make a treat for them to bring as snack to make it a little nicer for them. A quick check in the fridge – I found zucchini and lemons. OK I thought – that could work! And it did! Great combination in fact!

grainfree muffins with lemon and zucchini

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cardamom hazelnut cracker-cookies

Cookies – crackers, the difference lies somewhere in the sweetness and texture, right? These are somewhere in between. Kind of like digestives, if you know that particular one. I’m normally not a big fan of cookies except for my chocolate chip cookies or  “cookies for grown-ups” but I still make some every now and then for the kids. These hazelnut cookies with cardamom, are a new recipe that turned out quite nice. They were meant to be cookies – but I got inspired afterwards to rather use them as crackers with cheese. Yum! That’s more like me. :-)

hazelnut cardamom crackers

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Until then – a blueberry cheesecake

When we first got married my husband could not believe the amount of cheese I ate. I love cheese in almost any form and so it comes as no surprise that I also happen to love cheesecake. My favorite cheesecake so far is a blueberry cheesecake by the Swedish baking goddess Leila. It is hard to beat that one – it even contains melted white chocolate! Double yum! Maybe one day I’ll loosen up my restrictions enough to include white chocolate in my diet again (?) but until then this grain free and “processed sugar”-free version is still pretty awesome!

 Until then - blueberry cheesecake

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keeping it simple

When decorating a cake it’s easy to go over board – making a disaster instead of an object of art. Believe me when I say I have a lot of experience on this. I have made four attempts on this very cake these last weeks and only now – with my final version – am I really happy. Keeping it simple was the key. Just whipped cream and a few fresh berries. The cake was the final recipe for my cook book – coming soon – on grain free baking, of course. I’ll let you know….

gateau with whipped cream, blueberries and raspberries


Saffron cookies

“Natten går tunga fjät, runt gård och stuva” (The night steps/spreads heavily, over farms and houses)– that’s the beginning of one of the most famous Lucia song that was sung all over Sweden (and in Swedish homes all over the world) this morning. December 13, early morning, we celebrate Lucia. You can read more about Lucia in a post I wrote for CLEW magazine in this link. Read on right here to get a recipe for saffron cookies.

Yellow saffron cookies

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