Lemon cranberry muffins

A few days ago I baked lemon muffins for the opening of a Pilates studio here in Luxembourg. As the incredible fragrance of sweet lemon filled my kitchen, I got thinking… How could I improve these? A few days later – here’s an amazing recipe for lemon cranberry muffins. The step certainly wasn’t big! But the cranberries does make the muffins just a little bit extra special. And they look very cute with the red dot!

grain free lemon cranberry muffins

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Zucchini lemon muffins – a back to school treat

After a nice sunny week of holiday the kids were back to school today again. I thought I should make a treat for them to bring as snack to make it a little nicer for them. A quick check in the fridge – I found zucchini and lemons. OK I thought – that could work! And it did! Great combination in fact!

grainfree muffins with lemon and zucchini

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34 blueberry lemon mini muffins

My son has come to an age where he seems to be able to eat basically all the time. He is constantly going into the kitchen to look for something to munch on even though he just ate several large portions of whatever I cooked at the last meal. The most popular snacks are fruit and muffins. We can easily go through 40 (mini) muffins on a day. No wonder I bake so much! These are my latest creation. I made them twice within 12 hours… They are delicious!

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Pimp your water!

A glass of water. The most simple and healthy drink can also seem a bit boring sometimes. We pimp other drinks with umbrellas and cherries, and use nice glasses for wine and champagne – so why would we not use a few of those tricks on our water?

This is a post without recipes. It’s simply here to inspire you to, every now and then through the coming month filled with celebrations – take a break and drink some water. With style!

Lemon and raspberries

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