Savory egg muffins

Recently when both my kids were down with the flu, and I was afraid I might catch it too (didn’t) I made up a batch of savory muffins – as back up. My reasoning was – if I get sick, we need to have some easily accessible healthy food because I won’t be able to cook…. We enjoyed those muffins so much that I worked on them a bit and decided to post the recipe here. Perfect for a ready to go breakfast (if you make them ahead) or a snack, or school lunch.


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Muffins with strawberries and dark chocolate

This was a Sunday morning recipe. I wanted to treat the family to something special for breakfast on our last Sunday before the schools started again after the holiday. The muffins turned out lovely and we ate the remaining ones on a walk in the nice weather – like a picnic. Now I need to buy more of those freeze dried strawberries so I can make them again!


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Lemon cranberry muffins

A few days ago I baked lemon muffins for the opening of a Pilates studio here in Luxembourg. As the incredible fragrance of sweet lemon filled my kitchen, I got thinking… How could I improve these? A few days later – here’s an amazing recipe for lemon cranberry muffins. The step certainly wasn’t big! But the cranberries does make the muffins just a little bit extra special. And they look very cute with the red dot!

grain free lemon cranberry muffins

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Zucchini lemon muffins – a back to school treat

After a nice sunny week of holiday the kids were back to school today again. I thought I should make a treat for them to bring as snack to make it a little nicer for them. A quick check in the fridge – I found zucchini and lemons. OK I thought – that could work! And it did! Great combination in fact!

grainfree muffins with lemon and zucchini

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Orange, carrot and chocolate muffins

For some time now my son has told me that my normal chocolate muffins – good as they are – always tend to be a bit dry. OK – he is obviously spoiled, living in this house! But to be honest, he is right. So I have been trying to make a new recipe giving them more moistness – and after a few trials this one is a winner! We let a carrot add moisture and an orange give extra taste. Try it! You will be delighted!

chocolate muffins with whipped cream and a strawberry

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Strawberry muffins

 I have no idea how this happened! I walked into the kitchen one morning (admittedly still a bit tired) with a clear idea of the Coffee and Chocolate cake that I wanted to make. And somehow I ended up making strawberry muffins! Not even close – but never mind. These are great! The Coffee and Chocolate cake will have to happen another day.

strawberry muffins with whipped cream and dried strawberries

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Beetroot muffins for breakfast

Since discovering the fast route to making the amazing beetroot cake, there are no excuses anymore. Even made the cake as muffins this morning before breakfast – that’s how quick it was! Anyway – it was Elin’s first school day of the new term today so I wanted to make a treat for her to give her a great start! 5th grade – here she comes! :-)

Dividing the cake batter into mini muffin forms, you then bake them at 180 C (350 F) for 25 minutes. And if you feel like – you can make the frosting too, and spread on the muffins once they’ve cooled down – turning them into cupcakes…



Vanilla and berry muffins

Holding on to summer for a bit longer by making these vanilla and berry muffins this morning for breakfast. The whole house smells lovely when they are in the oven!  I’ll have to come back and post the recipe once I’ve written it down! You are gonna want to try them! Until then – enjoy the picture…. :-)

4 gluten free muffins with blueberries and raspberries