Muffins with strawberries and dark chocolate

This was a Sunday morning recipe. I wanted to treat the family to something special for breakfast on our last Sunday before the schools started again after the holiday. The muffins turned out lovely and we ate the remaining ones on a walk in the nice weather – like a picnic. Now I need to buy more of those freeze dried strawberries so I can make them again!


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Chocolate dipped strawberries with pink sprinkles

Yesterday was Friday again – where did that week go? In my family Friday means nice family dinner and dessert. Our local supermarket had an offer on Strawberries so I decided to make these chocolate dipped strawberries. No need to re-invent the wheel every day. Sometimes the easy option is the best one.

Fresh strawberries dipped in melted chocolate

Just melt dark chocolate. Dip the strawberries in the chocolate and possibly sprinkle some pink coconut over them (or maybe chopped nuts?). Leave to cool down in the fridge.

close up of strawberries

We ate them directly from the plate – and dipped them in whipped cream.

Easy, yummy, lovely!



Strawberry muffins

 I have no idea how this happened! I walked into the kitchen one morning (admittedly still a bit tired) with a clear idea of the Coffee and Chocolate cake that I wanted to make. And somehow I ended up making strawberry muffins! Not even close – but never mind. These are great! The Coffee and Chocolate cake will have to happen another day.

strawberry muffins with whipped cream and dried strawberries

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Upside down cake

Often when I make a new recipe, I ask my kids – “what should we call it?” and they come up with various interesting suggestions. This time however the name was in my head before the cake was even done, because it hit me that this is almost a tosca berry pie – but upside down :-)

plate with cake and raspberries

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Spinach and Strawberry muffins – and fancy cupcakes

Having been trying several different interesting combinations of food for baking and cooking with spinach this weekend, I also came up with these muffins. Laying awake in the morning trying to think of fruit or berries that could make a great combination with the healthy green that is supposed to make us strong – I thought of strawberries. But then, I often think of strawberries… Anyway…

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Scandinavian Tosca Berry Pie

We never keep much in our freezer, but one thing that we always have are berries. Bananas are always in our fruit bowl, and eggs – always plenty in the fridge. The combination makes an excellent base for a berry pie! Top it off with some coconut and almonds and boom – berry pie meets Scandinavian Tosca cake! Amazing is all I can say! (Well – I could add “easy” and “quick” as well…)

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