What do you need to bake? Less then you think probably! I bake pretty regularly as you might know by reading my blog, and I only have a few basics at home. Trying to keep our kitchen rather minimalistic I am down to these things…

Forms or cake pans

This is what I have:

three sizes and shapes of cake forms

Three sizes of cake forms – two round ones and one square.

I use the small round one most, to bake tiny cakes for us four. We each get a good-sized piece and have no, or little leftovers.

The square form is great for flat cakes, like brownies, and for the odd types of vegetable bread I make from time to time.

The big round form I mostly use for lunch cakes like the “real food apple cake”, and also occasionally to make a big cake when we have guests.

Then I have a glassware pie form that comes in handy for fruit or berry pies…

glass ware pie form with frozen berries

Muffin forms

When it comes to muffins or cupcakes, I have tried everything from one-way paper forms to muffin baking trays and the only ones I use these days are my beloved silicon forms. I have them in two sizes and have about 45 of the small ones and 24 of the large ones. The smaller ones are the ones we use the most.

silicon muffin forms

Electrical kitchen equipment

When baking without traditional flours, a mixer (grinder) really does come in handy. I have a Philips blender with an extra grinder (500W) that I use on a daily basis. This model is not available anymore it seems, but there are plenty of other alternatives at reasonable prices out there…

As a complement – I also use a hand mixer every now and then – mostly for mashing beetroots, potatoes or carrots. But, if you have a good blender you probably don’t need this…

a blender a grinder and a hand mixer

Add two bowls and some measuring spoons and parchment paper for the baking trays – and you are pretty much set to go.

Some people insist on using a weigh scale to measure when baking. I hardly ever do but I guess this comes down to what you are used to. I have one, but I only use it to weigh stuff for you guys so I can note it down in the recipes every now and then. Mostly for berries or vegetables to give you an estimate on how much you need. I would not recommend you to go out and buy one. Instead, I’d weigh the vegetables and fruit at the shop (or check the package for the weight).

Regarding the ingredients – check out my basic ingredient list!

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