We all know sugar is not good for us. We could argue about weather grains in any form should be eaten or not, but I am not here to preach so I’ll just keep it at: We have decided to not include sugar or grains in our diet.

For us, that works great.

This is the reason all my recipes are free of processed sugar and gluten free

When baking, I substitute sugar with fruits, berries and honey. But I keep it to a minimum. If you want your baked goods to be sweeter – feel free to add more honey, maple syrup or even sugar. That’s your choice, and I don’t mind.

I substitute “normal flour” (grains) with different nut flours, buckwheat flour and ground seeds. This works perfect and if you have a grinder or a good mixer you can let your creativity run free here.

Other than that, I also sometimes like to include vegetables in my baking. There are lots of nice choices out there that will make your muffins and cakes creamy and delicious – pumpkin, red beets and sweet potatoes for example. Just boil in salty water, mash and add to your dough once it has cooled down a bit.

Regarding milk products – I use it sparingly, and when, mostly just butter and yoghurt (natural, full fat). If you are sensitive to lactose, or want to leave out milk products for any other reason, you can substitute the butter with a nice oil (like walnut oil or coconut oil) and use coconut cream instead of yogurt.

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