Have you ever tried the amazing red beetroot cake? It’s one of my most popular recipes and I can highly recommend making it. The only thing is – sometimes I’m just too lazy. The beetroots takes 30 minutes to boil and the kitchen, not to mention my bright pink hands, is a mess afterwards. But there is a solution to that – I’ll tell you how in this post!

amazing red beetroot cake

A friend of mine mentioned that she baked this cake several times but that she bought ready boiled vacume packed beetroots to save time. She then grates them before adding them and that could be an option – but I’m still thinking of that messy kitchen and those bright pink hands of mine, unless you use rubber gloves (which I am personally no fan of). So I recently came up with a solution.

Buy the ready boiled, vacume packed beetroots. Make sure nothing is added to them (and don’t mix this up with the pickled version….). Open the package, empty out the juice first and then put the beetroots into a HIGH jug. Now go at those beetroots with a hand mixer until they are a nice smooth puree. I mentioned HIGH jug to make sure your kitchen does not get sprinkled…

Add the mash to the cake batch just as in the recipe and don’t forget the butter! Either melt it and add it separately or do the even lazier version (like I did!) and add the chunk of butter to the jug and puree it with the beetroots.

So there you go – problem solved. Go make that amazing beetroot cake! There is no excuse anymore! 🙂




A shortcut to the amazing red beetroot cake
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