As promised – this is a post on how I put together the birthday cake from yesterday. So – my son turned 13, and I asked him in advance what kind of cake he wanted, and his wish was “something with whipped cream and strawberries”. That gives us lots of possibilities – and this is what I did…

Fancy cake with strawberries and kiwi on a plate

To be honest – I am a bit tired of trying to invent the wheel all over again, for the moment, so I just used the recipe for the fancy cake with whipped chocolate cream I did a while back, as the base. So start by going over HERE and bake the base – the actual cake that is inside, and let it cool down. This can be done the evening before, which is what I did since we had the cake for breakfast. I know! Weird! 🙂

Then cut the cake into layers. I did three layers this time, and as a filling I used sliced banana and sliced strawberries. Normally I have always mashed the fruit and berries to go inside but it has a tendency to overflow on the sides so I tried this and – there is no going back!

Over the fruit and berries, spread some whipped cream

Then do it all over again

Put the top layer of cake over that and spread whipped cream over the whole cake and decorate with what ever you have. I used thinly sliced kiwi fruit and strawberries and love how colorful it turned out!

Strawberries and Kiwi on a fancy cake - from top

Strawberries are great to decorate with because of their shape and pattern. And as I had hopped, the cake was great to cut – no filling leaking out. And, most importantly – it tasted lovely!

Fancy cake with strawberries and Kiwi - cut



The Birthday cake
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