Another use for spinach – pancakes!

Spinach is a very versatile leaf. Supposedly healthy as well. We always have spinach at home and I like to add it to at least one meal every day. Yesterday it was breakfast (and later on we had spinach as a side for dinner as well, but that is another story…). This recipe for spinach pancakes is really simple and can be varied easily.

spinach pancakes with raspberries

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7 delicious dishes cooked with ground beef (minced meat)

Having a limited food budget is not a bad thing. In fact, it makes sense no matter how much money you have. The tighter your budget is – and the more expensive food is, in the country you live in – the more creative you have to become. Here in Luxembourg one budget buy is ground beef (also called minced meat). Organic is a good choice, and fresh directly from the organic butcher in Rollingergrund is my favorite choice.

I cook with ground beef about every second day – and no, it does not get boring. Simply vary what you make out of it and your taste buds will love it.

5 of the 7 ways of cooking minced meat

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Easy crackers

In southern Germany the evening meal is sometimes called “Abendbrot” or  “Brotzeit” – meaning “evening bread” / “bread time”. This because often this meal consists of open sandwiches made with dark bread. Since we stopped eating bread, occasionally, I still make the big plates with nice salami, ham, different cheeses and cut vegetables. Only, instead of bread, I make these crackers. We don’t see them as bread substitute. Just as a nice crunchy side snack.

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keeping it simple

When decorating a cake it’s easy to go over board – making a disaster instead of an object of art. Believe me when I say I have a lot of experience on this. I have made four attempts on this very cake these last weeks and only now – with my final version – am I really happy. Keeping it simple was the key. Just whipped cream and a few fresh berries. The cake was the final recipe for my cook book – coming soon – on grain free baking, of course. I’ll let you know….

gateau with whipped cream, blueberries and raspberries


Creamy blueberry vanilla muffins

The new year has come and I’m sure most of you are thinking of all the ways you are going to be better this year. Nothing bad in that, as long as we strive for better and not perfect. A short workout is better than no workout, and a grain free home baked muffin is way better for you than any stuff you can buy at the bakery! Try this one for example!

mini muffins in a high glass bowl

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