bell pepper, bacon and eggs – yummy!

The big challenge when going gluten free is breakfast. I’m always trying out new ideas even though we do love our scrambled eggs. Last weekend I made baked bell pepper halves filled with bacon, leek, mushroom and egg. Wow – it doesn’t really get any better then this! And, good thing, this will pass as lunch, or dinner (or as a starter) as well, so usefull, at any time of the day. This is how it goes…

 oven baked red bell pepper with bacon and egg

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7 of my favorite meals

Pancakes, Muffins, scrambled eggs, grilled vegetables – I love breakfast! I wrote a post about it before and I decided it was time to do another one. If you’ve had toast, muesli or porridge as a first meal all your life, it can be tricky to come up with healthy alternatives at first. But let me assure you – breakfast can be both nutritious and delicious. And a lovely way to wake up!

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