Easter chocolate – how to properly melt chocolate

As I have mentioned before, this year I will re-post a few recipes I have already done before – but make them better. The same goes for this home made luxury chocolate. After having done my last recipe a few times I started reading up on how to properly melt chocolate. As weird as that sounds – it actually makes a big difference. So here: a new way of doing this with easy step by step instructions. How fitting not that it is Easter!

chocolate broken into pieces

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Dark cherry muffins (and cupcakes)

OK I realize we can’t have a big fancy cake everyday. How would that look! (Pretty great if you ask me…:-)) But who says we can’t cheat – and make fancy muffins? Or even fancier cupcakes? There was a birthday celebration in my daughters class the other day and she asked me if she could bring her own treat to eat when the rest of the kids munch on the sugar bomb – gluten containing – cake that the birthday kid promised to bring…. So yes of curse – I made these for her – and she was delighted!

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