Grain free buns

After the success of the grain free focaccia amore I have made several variations of that bread. This is one of them. Buns – that I feel has got both a very bread like texture and taste. Nut free, milk free… For me the main thing though is how these buns actually raised in the oven – similar to a classic bun would – and also got that thread like structure in the cracks that appears in rising bread. Bread nerd? Me? :-) I guess that comes from 20+ years of baking bread – traditional ones and grain free versions.

grain free buns made with flax seed, coconut flour and potato flour

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Sweet flax seed banana roll

Ever since I made the flax seed rolls earlier this year I have wanted to make other versions of it. Had a few different ideas that did not work out but now finally, this one is great! The flax seed wrap is spiced with cinnamon, cardamon and clove and the filling is bananas and nuts. We had them for breakfast this morning and I made a new batch as afternoon snack just now. Delicious!


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