It was Friday again, and Friday in this house means a nice family dinner and most importantly – dessert! Which is fine. Actually, I love this tradition! The problem was just that I was almost done with cooking the dinner when I realized I had forgotten to make dessert… Desperate for a quick fix of this situation I looked over at the fruit bowl and YES – we had plenty of apples! 🙂  So here you go – the perfect dessert – the one that takes care of itself while you are eating the main!

Oven baked apple with vanilla mascarpone

This thankfully needs very little preparation. Just grab one apple per person and start by taking out the middle part. I really don’t have any cool solution for this except using the tool, made for it.


 Turn the oven to 180 C (350 F)

Last time I did this, my filling kind of leaked out through the bottom and ended up in my little pan, so this time I used another method – this one:

  • Stuff the hole of the apples halfway up with almond slices and shredded coconut. Really stuff it – using your finger to press it down!

Then make a mix of:

  • butter – for 4 apples I used about 50g (which is something like 3 tbsp’s)
  • a spoon or two of shredded coconut
  • honey – I used about 1 teaspoon. The apples are sweet on their own.
  • And either vanilla or cinnamon to taste. This time I used vanilla which was way better then I expected!

Mix and then stuff that into the top half of the holes in the apples.

Top of with a few almond slices, and off into the oven.

Bake for 25 minutes.

Serve as it is, or with a spoon of mascarpone with honey and vanilla like in the top picture.



Apples in the oven
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