For special occasions – like wednesday afternoons – I love to turn an already lovely muffin into a beautiful cupcake. I used a few leftover Blueberry Vanilla Muffin from yesterday and just added the “top”. Very quick, very easy, and boom – you are ready for tea with the queen!

Grabb some more of those blueberries from the freezer – really just something like 100 ml – less than half a cup. Put a few to the side to use for topping and put the rest in a bowl, in the microwave for 20-30 seconds until defrosted. Then mash them through a tea strainer (or similar) to get the juice and the color, but not the “pieces”.

That looks brutal ! We could make a scary movie…. But back to the cupcakes now…  OK, add mascarpone (this is Italian cream cheese – can be substituted with for example quark or kesella (that’s the swedish version)) but use the full fat one. The amount needed depends on how many cupcakes you want to make… like about a tbsp / muffin – a little less for the smaller size, a little more for the normal/big size muffin. Stir and then add a few drops of honey – something like this:

Stir some more and then fill your icing bag / pastry bag – or if you don’t have one, just fill a normal freezer bag, cut off one corner and use that. Work in a spiral slowly, from out to in, to decorate the muffin. Put a blueberry on the top of each – and done.

Now call the queen and tell her to rush over. Store the cupcakes in the fridge until she arrives…

Have fun!


Blueberry Cupcake Topping
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