We hear it all the time these days – eggs are the perfect breakfast food. And I’m happy to eat them in any form (almost! – not raw! Even the thought creeps me out!). My son however, has been a no eggs person since birth. So one way to get him to eat eggs is to make pancakes. With lots of eggs. He loves that! Me too!

And since containing no wheat, they could actually be considered a really healthy breakfast as well, so give it a try!

Get a big bowl out and crack 5 eggs into it. If you are American, using “cup” measuring, I’d recommend you to take 6 eggs to make this easier – you’ll see why soon! (Hope you have a big family! :-))

Whisk the eggs.

Now, in a mixer (grinder) mix

  • 100 ml shredded coconut (Americans – take half a cup)
  • and 100 ml (again, half a cup) flax seeds (flax seeds are also called linseeds). Let them grind until real fine. This takes about 6-7 seconds in my mixer, in my sisters mixer – we’re talking 6-7 minutes… 🙂

Put the mixed stuff in a small bowl and add

  • 100 ml (again, half a cup if you took 6 eggs) almond flour
  • 2 tbsp of coconut flour (if you don’t have this, it can be substituted with potato flour or corn flour – but take a little less then)
  • 2 tea spoons baking powder
  • 1 tbsp of cacao (optional)

I love using cacao in pancakes. It gives them a nice color and adds to the taste, plus cacao is healthy. However – you can leave out if you’re not a cacao person.

Mix the dry ingredients and add to the eggs. Whisk.

Add 100 ml (for the 6 eggs – half a cup) coconut milk – OR if you don’t have that at home and don’t mind lactose, use cream (or milk). Whisk.

I have one of these really cool pancake irons (Amazon has many different cute ones), but if you don’t – use a normal pan, and make four or five small pancakes each round. Use a normal tablespoon (like for eating – not the measure spoon) for scooping the batter – one scoop per pancake.

Fry in butter (or ghee, or coconut oil) over a medium heat.

Serve with fresh fruit, berries or one of those marvelous sugar free spreads you might find in your organic shop. Alnatura is a German brand making apple purées with different twists – our favorite being “Apple Mango” (100% fruit, nothing added)


You are not a morning person? Here’s a way of speeding things up a little: Prepare all the dry ingredients the evening before. Store in an airtight container, and put the bowl, whisk and pan out already. In the morning, you just have turn stove on, crack the eggs in the bowl, blend everything (don’t forget the coconut milk, but if your can is unopened, you can put it next to the bowl so you won’t miss it) – and start frying. And while frying you can set the table, make coffee / tea and cut some fruit.

Guten Appetit!


Breakfast Pancakes
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