Having posted muesli recipes here in the blog before Here, Here and Here, I keep making muesli all the time at home. I just realized that slowly I have changed the procedure of making it to tweak the result to something better. This means – it is time to post a new recipe! This muesli might not be the healthiest (because of quite a bit of honey) but it sure is delicious! My son says it’s like eating cookies, in a bowl of yogurt.

chocolate muesli - like cookies

Making muesli is really not complicated and actually quite quick. Start by looking through your cupboards for what you have at home when it comes to seeds and nuts. A good mix of plenty is always nice and I love to add dried goji berries since they give that funky bitter taste. This is what I had:

nuts, seeds, cocoa and goji


  • Flax seeds (also called linseeds),
  • pumpkin seeds (I crush them slightly)
  • sunflower seeds.


  • Almond slices
  • hazelnuts (chopped rather fine in my mixer)

Other than that I also always add

  • shredded coconut
  • goji berries

I add the same amount – one scoop / 125 ml / half cup – of each of those ingredients. That gives me a total amount of 875 ml / 3,5 cup. No need to be exact though – just roughly that amount. Then add :

  • 50 ml / 3 tbsp. cacao powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt

With a spoon mix all together

Then in a small bowl or a mug mix

  • 3 tbsp. honey
  • 150 ml (a little more than half cup) hot water.

Pour the water-honey mix over the nuts and seeds and mix all together. The reason for mixing the honey in hot water before adding is because otherwise if is difficult to divide it evenly in the muesli.

Anyways – all mixed – spread on a baking sheet – on parchment paper.

spread evenly

Place in the (still cold) oven and turn it on to 100 C (210 F). Set a timer for 35 minutes.

When the time is up – open up the oven door just a crack (slip a rolled up kitchen towel in the opening to keep it from closing). Leave to cool down.

The lower temperature in this recipe keeps the goji berries from burning to crisp, and the extra honey and water makes bigger chunkier pieces. Yum! Serve with natural yogurt and fresh fruit.

chocolate granola or muesli with yogurt and fruit



Like cookies in a bowl – muesli
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