It’s becomming obvious. I have a thing for breakfasts! There is something very special about that time of the day. And since my son is on a school trip and my daughter has a fever – I was in no rush this morning.

Spinach, scrambled eggs, coffee and tea

Thawing frozen spinach. Whisking the eggs before adding them to the pan.

I love how our coffe tin has text in Arabic and the tea tin in Danish… Coffe tin was bought during our years living in Dubai. The tea tin was a gift from my sister who lives in Denmark. I adore both and just re-fill them.

scrambled eggs with spinach, roasted bell pepper, tomatoes and goat cheese

The end result – my plate. Scrambled eggs with spinach and sausage, grilled bell pepper, grilled tomatoes and some fresh goat cheese. And then, after taking this picture, I sliced a banana over the whole plate! I know I’m weird – but I just LOVE sliced banana with my scrambled spinach eggs in the morning. Actually – I love sliced banana on pretty much anything!

Enjoy your day!


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