You have to enjoy the sun whenever you see it here in Luxembourg – which is not as often as one could wish.

scrambled eggs with spinach, blueberry muffins and smoothie

Scrambled eggs with spinach. I simply took 2 frozen spinach cubes and let them thaw in coconut oil, in the pan, while slowly heating it up – before adding the eggs. Whisk eggs separately first. Spice them with salt and chili powder – and add some olive oil.

The smoothie was made of banana, frozen raspberries, coconut milk and cinnamon.

Blueberry muffins made similar to the vanilla blueberry muffins, but with cardamom instead of vanilla, and added ground linseeds instead of coconut flour (had no coconut flour at home).

Plus – coffee, tea and sunshine! 🙂


At 6:30 am, on the balcony – sunny breakfast!
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