I’ve written about this before – about how to make that plain glass of water look, and taste, more attractive. Recently we’ve been big on making ice tea, which is an excellent choice of drink on any day.

three mason jars with pink ice tea

We always keep a jug of water in the fridge – pimped with freshly squeezed lemon and a few frozen raspberries. This combination will color the water a nice pink and gives a subtle taste.

Now, to make our favorite ice tea – brew some strong tea. I prefer to use rooibos tea or fruit tea (also called fruit infusion teas) and right now our favorites are a lemon rooibos (Rooitea Zitrone) and an almond and apple tea (Gebrannte Mandel) – both teas from Tee Gschwendner.

Tee Gschwendner

Then, fill a glass halfway up with ice cubes, pour the tea over the ice (until half full) and finally fill up with the lemon and raspberry water.

Lately I’ve started to make this in mason jars. We have a few of different sizes and shapes, that used to host chickpeas or pickled gherkins, which I have saved and use for this.

You can also buy them empty these days in fancy interior decoration shops – but why would you? Serve the drinks with a straw though – or it will make a mess…

Pink Ice Tea in mason jars



Pimping water
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