3 favorite Ice Teas!

To be totally honest – I am all for a glass of wine every now and then and I have been seen on more than one occasion sipping a gin and tonic. But my big love when it comes to drinks is still home made ice tea. This is my all day, and every day drink and I never tire. Mostly because you can vary it endlessly, using different teas and different additions. Read on to find my favorites right now.

two glasses of ice tea with lemon and raspberries

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Easter chocolate – how to properly melt chocolate

As I have mentioned before, this year I will re-post a few recipes I have already done before – but make them better. The same goes for this home made luxury chocolate. After having done my last recipe a few times I started reading up on how to properly melt chocolate. As weird as that sounds – it actually makes a big difference. So here: a new way of doing this with easy step by step instructions. How fitting not that it is Easter!

chocolate broken into pieces

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Like cookies in a bowl – muesli

Having posted muesli recipes here in the blog before Here, Here and Here, I keep making muesli all the time at home. I just realized that slowly I have changed the procedure of making it to tweak the result to something better. This means – it is time to post a new recipe! This muesli might not be the healthiest (because of quite a bit of honey) but it sure is delicious! My son says it’s like eating cookies, in a bowl of yogurt.

chocolate muesli - like cookies

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Orange, carrot and chocolate muffins

For some time now my son has told me that my normal chocolate muffins – good as they are – always tend to be a bit dry. OK – he is obviously spoiled, living in this house! But to be honest, he is right. So I have been trying to make a new recipe giving them more moistness – and after a few trials this one is a winner! We let a carrot add moisture and an orange give extra taste. Try it! You will be delighted!

chocolate muffins with whipped cream and a strawberry

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