Blueberry chia seed pudding with orange

One of my absolute favorite things at the moment are chia seed puddings. I have had a crush on the saffron version for a few weeks now, and vanilla is always a favorite that can  be combined with so many fruits and berries and nuts and all – so it never gets boring!

Last week I looked through my older recipes and thought I should give the blueberry chia seed pudding another go. I did, and it turned out great! Read on to see how to make it!


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Warm or cold chia coconut porridge / pudding

For long now I’ve been trying to make something similar to porridge – only grain free. The vegetable ones I’ve tried was OK but never fabulous. This chia seed coconut porridge with vanilla however is like heaven in a bowl! Both warm and cold, so you can also make it in the evening and eat it directly out of the fridge in the morning. Talk about a fast breakfast! And yummy too!!

chia seed vanilla pudding with a topping of nuts and raisins


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