Vegan raw date and chocolate truffles

Any possibility to sneak in a bit of coconut oil into my diet is welcome. Same goes for flax seeds (linseeds). And generally I like recipes that are raw, vegan, nut free and also healthy. This is one of those! Medjool dates is the main ingredient and is the source of sweetness. I’ve read that dates are one of the healthiest sweet food there is. True? I choose to believe it and will indulge in these truffles every now and then without any guilt!


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34 blueberry lemon mini muffins

My son has come to an age where he seems to be able to eat basically all the time. He is constantly going into the kitchen to look for something to munch on even though he just ate several large portions of whatever I cooked at the last meal. The most popular snacks are fruit and muffins. We can easily go through 40 (mini) muffins on a day. No wonder I bake so much! These are my latest creation. I made them twice within 12 hours… They are delicious!

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Coconut oil Chocolate Chip Cookies

Guess what! I found the secret to really good cookies! Yes!, and I’m as surprised as anyone else might be. It was a coincidence actually.  A Scandinavian company asked me, if I’d like to bake, using their coconut oil. Of course I wanted to do that! And so – instead of using butter, as always before – I used coconut oil when coming up with a few new cookie recipes. Turns out – Coconut oil is actually a perfect match with cookie dough! First out – a chocolate chip cookie:

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