Easter sweets and treats

Thursday before Easter is the day when, in Sweden, the witches fly off to “Blåkulla”. You can see small versions of them walking from door to door tonight, dressed with aprons, a head scarf and with freckles painted all over their cheeks. They will give you a hand painted little Easter greeting and hopefully they will get some Easter candy as a thank you. It’s a very cute tradition, and I love the trading spirit (Easter greeting – candy). I thought for today I will not give you a new recipe, but instead make a few suggestions from all the recipes we already have here at Lieselathome – what would fit for the Easter holiday? Read on for some of my favorite sweets and treats!


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Colorful Halloween cake

With so many pumpkins around it’s tempting to not just decorate our porches or door steps but also to cook and bake using the colorful and tasty insides of them. This cake was created on a whim – I thought it could be interesting to make a bright yellow cheesecake and combining it with one of my favorite things – chocolate. So a Halloween cheesecake brownie – doesn’t that sound tempting?

Halloween cake

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Colorful coconut sprinkles – and blueberry dessert with chia

About a year ago I posted a recipe for how to make pink coconut sprinkles – coloring shredded coconut with beetroot. Ever since then I always have a jar of these in my cupboard and I use them a lot. Lately I have been thinking that it must be possible to color the coconut equally naturally, into other colors as well and so I started experimenting. Here is the result: Green, orange and purple coconut sprinkles – in addition to the pink ones. Read on to find out how easy this is to make!

four colors naturally colored coconut

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