Black and White Cookies

Personally I find every season to be cookie season, but I know Christmas is the time when most people will turn their kitchen into a private bakery. This doesn’t mean we have to go crazy and turn our backs to a healthy lifestyle. Here is a tasty cookie, with zero gluten, zero sugar and 100% yummy-factor!

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Square Chocolate Cookies

When I grew up, in Sweden, there was one baking book that pretty much everyone had. Of course also I have a copy of it, and there is one recipe that I’ve made about a 100 times – because my kids love these cookies just as much as I. They are called “chocolate squares” and are moist, sticky cookies with chopped nuts on. (Yeah, that does sound weird – I know!)

After coming up with a great recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies that contains no traditional flour and no sugar and still taste fabulous – I knew it must be possible to make these as well. After a few test runs – this is actually pretty much the perfect “chokladrutor” (chocolate squares) if I may say so myself. Below – the original and the copy ! :-)

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