Prune cake – grain free and nut free

They are in season right now – the prunes. Also called “baking plums”. They’re the smaller plums. Not quite as sweet, and perfect for baking. This cake is easy to make and easy to impress someone with. It looks  beautiful – and tastes delicious! The recipe is grain free and nut free – and if you leave out the topping it is also lactose free!

prune plum cake

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Camel Muffin – and what is Zwetschgen?

You know what a cinnamon bun is, right? But, have you ever had a camel bun? Probably not. Me neither. The thing is, that the Swedish word for cinnamon is kanel, and the Swedish word for camel is kamel. Hard to keep apart, small Swedish kids will often call a cinnamon bun (kanelbulle) – a “camel bun” (kamelbulle) Even these days – whenever I bake with cinnamon, I think of camels :-) So here are my new “camel muffins” with Zwetschgen.

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