Yesterday was my daughters birthday. She turned 12 and we gave her an experience as a gift rather than a bunch of things. We all went to Brussels for one night and made a visit to the comic book museum there. We also managed to fit in a few ice creams, some delicious food, a hotel night, too much Belgian chocolate, and a bit of sight seeing. All in all a success and we arrived back home yesterday afternoon just in time to bake a cake and eat it as dessert after dinner. Weather was lovely, so we got to sit outside. This time the cake was a success! (No cake-tastrophe, like mine 🙂)

Elin with her grain free birthday cake

She had wished for a cake like the one her brother got last year – which was this one:

Birthday cake

That one was based on a chocolate cake but Elin wanted a vanilla cake. I used this recipe when baking the cake – but left out the berries. Baked it in 170 C (340 F) for 35 minutes – but this varies depending on the size of your cake form.

As a filling I used the jam I wrote about when I posted the recipe for sweet potato mini scones – basically berries, mashed and strained, with added chia seeds. Two layers of the jam and one layer with sliced banana.

Inside Elins cake

Solid enough to cut nice slices without falling apart – and very delicious!

Happy Birthday my sweet Elin!


Elins Birthday – a cake success!
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