Though I love baking first thing in the morning to have fresh goodies for breakfast more or less every morning – some recipes are just not convenient to make that early. Take for example the muffins I bake using the recipe for the amazing red beetroot cake (only filling muffin forms instead). I’d have to be up just past midnight to start boiling the beetroots…. So this is, instead, a nice afternoon treat, and since I made a double batch – there will still be a bunch left over for breakfast tomorrow!

You have got to love that rich color!

To compensate for not making any topping I doubled the amount of chopped dark chocolate (which meant 4 times the amount since I already doubled the rest of the recipe – are you following?) These are normal sized muffin forms, and I baked them for 28 minutes in 180 C (350F)



Red beetroot muffins – an afternoon treat
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