So we had some sweet potato and root celery mash left over after dinner last night… Of course I could have saved it and eaten it today, but then had a better idea – why not quickly make some grain free vegetable bread?! I have two great recipes HERE and HERE but this one was very spontanious and creative – no measuring! The recipe, this time, is a picture 🙂 read on to get some details…

creative recipe for vegetable bread

  • veg mash (containing lots of butter….)
  • eggs
  • vinegar
  • ground sunflower seeds and flaxseeds
  • baking powder
  • Tandoori spice mix (!) 🙂
  • coconut flour

Just mix (directly in the pot) and fill a form, lined with parchment paper

A batch of grain free bread

Bake, then cut in pieces, then in halves, and roast the “slices” in the oven to get the right texture…

vegetable bread - cutting and toasting

Totally delicious!



Spontaneous vegetable – grain free – bread
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