16 pieces of sweet chocolate cake

Even though I normally try to keep the use of honey and dried fruit to a minimum in my baking – every now and then I just have to break the rules and make something extra special. This amazing, sweet chocolate cake, has quite a few medjool dates in it, making it rather sweet, and kind of sticky / chewy. A real treat for a special day!

Very special sweet chocolate cake

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Zucchini lemon muffins – a back to school treat

After a nice sunny week of holiday the kids were back to school today again. I thought I should make a treat for them to bring as snack to make it a little nicer for them. A quick check in the fridge – I found zucchini and lemons. OK I thought – that could work! And it did! Great combination in fact!

grainfree muffins with lemon and zucchini

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Elins Birthday – a cake success!

Yesterday was my daughters birthday. She turned 12 and we gave her an experience as a gift rather than a bunch of things. We all went to Brussels for one night and made a visit to the comic book museum there. We also managed to fit in a few ice creams, some delicious food, a hotel night, too much Belgian chocolate, and a bit of sight seeing. All in all a success and we arrived back home yesterday afternoon just in time to bake a cake and eat it as dessert after dinner. Weather was lovely, so we got to sit outside. This time the cake was a success! (No cake-tastrophe, like mine :-) )

Elin with her grain free birthday cake

She had wished for a cake like the one her brother got last year – which was this one:

Birthday cake

That one was based on a chocolate cake but Elin wanted a vanilla cake. I used this recipe when baking the cake – but left out the berries. Baked it in 170 C (340 F) for 35 minutes – but this varies depending on the size of your cake form.

As a filling I used the jam I wrote about when I posted the recipe for sweet potato mini scones – basically berries, mashed and strained, with added chia seeds. Two layers of the jam and one layer with sliced banana.

Inside Elins cake

Solid enough to cut nice slices without falling apart – and very delicious!

Happy Birthday my sweet Elin!


My birthday – and a cake-tastrophe

You’d think I would be kind of fool proof at making cakes by now, and that someone like me would be able to produce the most amazing birthday cake for myself. Well, today is my birthday (happy 40th to myself!! :-) ) and I had planned this cake to be truly awesome. But read on to see how it instead turned out to be quite a cake-tastrophe. Still – it tasted great and we had a really good laugh about it – especially because of a gift my sister sent….

the cake-tastrophe birthday cake

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cardamom hazelnut cracker-cookies

Cookies – crackers, the difference lies somewhere in the sweetness and texture, right? These are somewhere in between. Kind of like digestives, if you know that particular one. I’m normally not a big fan of cookies except for my chocolate chip cookies or  “cookies for grown-ups” but I still make some every now and then for the kids. These hazelnut cookies with cardamom, are a new recipe that turned out quite nice. They were meant to be cookies – but I got inspired afterwards to rather use them as crackers with cheese. Yum! That’s more like me. :-)

hazelnut cardamom crackers

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