Saffron “cheese”-cake with raspberry hearts

Vegan cheesecakes – that aren’t actually cheesecakes, but a nut based version that are similar to cheesecakes have become quite trendy. I tried a recipe a while back and liked the idea. Added in a personal touch – and here we have the result. A colorful saffron “cheese”-cake with raspberry hearts.

saffron cheese cake

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Vegan raw date and chocolate truffles

Any possibility to sneak in a bit of coconut oil into my diet is welcome. Same goes for flax seeds (linseeds). And generally I like recipes that are raw, vegan, nut free and also healthy. This is one of those! Medjool dates is the main ingredient and is the source of sweetness. I’ve read that dates are one of the healthiest sweet food there is. True? I choose to believe it and will indulge in these truffles every now and then without any guilt!


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Saffron chia pudding for a dear friend

Chia puddings has kind of become a trend lately and recipes keep popping up everywhere for vanilla chia pudding and chocolate chia pudding. Both are awesome I make them regularly, but I felt it was time for something new. I had a new friend over for lunch last week and inspired by her warm and sunny personality I came up with this saffron pudding with a hint of cardamon. She loved it! Here’s to new friends! To the warm and sunny people in our lives!

grain free saffron chia pudding

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pancake layer cake

Most Swedish parents would be familiar with a childrens book called “Pannkakstårtan” (Pancakes for Findus). It’s about an old man and his cat Findus, making a pancake layer cake for the cats birthday. My kids loved this book and I still think of it while making my grain free version of this very Swedish and very simple cake. You don’t need an oven – only a pan.

Grain free spinach pancakes, stacked, with berry jam in between

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Colorful square chia seed truffles

It’s summer! And it’s too hot in my kitchen for baking… Still, the kids at home, we can all need a treat every now and then. I first made these truffles for Albin to bring to school on the last day. Since school has a no-nuts policy, they are nut free. Since I have a protein-policy (that’s a new word :-) ) – they contain protein in the form of flax seeds and chia seeds. They are covered in a mix of colorful coconut sprinkles, just for fun! Vegan, raw food, nut free, lactose free, grain free and sugar free. Something for everyone….

grain free, nut free, lactose free and sugar free truffles. Vegan and raw food

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Colorful coconut sprinkles – and blueberry dessert with chia

About a year ago I posted a recipe for how to make pink coconut sprinkles – coloring shredded coconut with beetroot. Ever since then I always have a jar of these in my cupboard and I use them a lot. Lately I have been thinking that it must be possible to color the coconut equally naturally, into other colors as well and so I started experimenting. Here is the result: Green, orange and purple coconut sprinkles – in addition to the pink ones. Read on to find out how easy this is to make!

four colors naturally colored coconut

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creamy chocolate chia puddings – part two….

I told you in the last post that I filled a few silicon muffin forms with the rest of the chia pudding, and actually I later did a whole batch filling only muffin forms (made 14!). Just wanted to show you how you easily can turn this in to a fancy dessert.

So these are the puddings (above). I left them over night in the fridge. Then just carefully turn the muffin form “inside out” to get the pudding out and place it on a plate.

Add some fresh fruit and maybe a bit of whipped cream.

And there you go! The pink sprinkles is beetroot colored shredded coconut. Gives a nice touch – don’t you think?



Blueberry chia pudding

We’ve been loving the chocolate chia seed pudding I wrote about a while back, in a guest post over at, eating it a couple of times every week ever since – so I thought we could need a bit of variation. The other day I experimented with blueberries and made a colorful version of the pudding. We all liked it, but a vote in the family afterwards, about which dessert was better, ended 3 votes for chocolate and 1 vote for blueberry – so it’s good indeed, but maybe not awesome…? Or was the competition just too hard? You’ll have to try and decide for yourself!

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